Back up and running, sort of…

And I’m back! 🙂

1st Trimester Wrap up:

1) Threw my back out: CHECK

2) Experienced mind-numbing nausea: CHECK

3) Survived the dreaded pregnancy cold: CHECK

4) Haven’t totally alienated anyone:  CHECK (at least not that they are willing to tell me about)

5) Made it through my first trimester: CHECK  (okay, okay, technically I still have another week to go, but for my own sanity, lets just say it’s done)

During the past 60 days, I feel like I have climbed, or more accurately- fell off of, a mountain a few times over.  Except my ‘climbing’ was watching movies for hours on end and trying my damndest to beat Super Mario Brothers, level 2, on Wii (I swear I almost broke things because Mario is a jerk and so are the little kids who make it look easy).

So this is my second trimester pledge:  (I hear the “I am Canadian” commercial running through my head as I type this)

I will get off the couch

Crackers are not a food group

I will go for walks at least 3 times a week

Nausea is just the baby saying, “Hello”

I will re-discover the dreaded vegetable (hold on while I try not to barf)……

I surrender to maternity clothing and comfort

I will re-discover the bedroom *wink, wink*

School is fun, school is fun, school is fun (do you believe me yet?)

I will practice yoga again

And I will love it!!!

All right after this nap.

P.S. This is an actual pillow designed for sleeping on the job–GENIUS!

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Marilyn Gilbert
    Feb 24, 2012 @ 04:35:56

    So very glad you are back. XXXXXXX Marilyn


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